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Provincial federation of trade unions to guide the party's industrial construction work

Release time:2019-08-25 10:58:15      hit count:4057

On April 3,, jin-song zhu, vice President of federation of trade unions party secretary of jiangsu province, jiangsu provincial party committee organization department ChanJianMing, xuzhou city people's congress standing committee, deputy director of the city federation of trade unions chairman chi Ming, vice minister of xuzhou municipal party committee organization, director of the municipal party committee party do Du Qingqi, the paper selects xinyi city leader zhang minzu (, chairman of the federation of trade unions and related department office responsible for the comrades to, and has carried on the scene to my party GongJian group work instruction and research.

, chief executive of the company party branch secretary comrade de-ming sun accompanied him to speak and participate in negotiation, federation of trade unions in jiangsu province party secretary, vice chairman of the jin-song zhu line lead to our company party work and gave us a great affirmation and praise, and ask the local two levels of the organization department and labor support, worker's party construction work.

In recent years, our company in the party and workers co-construction work, adhere to the establishment of advanced enterprise party organization and create a "qualified workers' home" combination, and won the jiangsu province "model workers' home", xuzhou "two new" organization "red fortress" title; We should combine the advanced nature education of party members with the improvement of the quality of workers, insist on the positive publicity and active guidance of the party's construction work, insist on the combination of the party's construction and talent training, and insist on the combination of labor union work and workers' happiness. Adhere to the combination of corporate culture and staff beliefs; By combining the activities of party member innovation experts with the technical innovation and labor competition carried out by the trade union, the staff representatives have been evaluated as "excellent operation experts in the national textile skills competition" all year round. It gives full play to the functions of party workers' organizations, and makes the work carried out by party workers' organizations necessary for enterprises, welcomed by party members and supported by employees.




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